Ghostwriting Rates

Our spectrum of ghostwriting service offers you with a qualified team of professional writers, editors, and publishing mavericks who work collaboratively to write a book worthy of bestsellers shelf.


Book Ghostwriting
$35,000 - 45,000 Approx. 100/Pages
  • The chief ghostwriter will be a bestseller or an extensively published author.
  • Procedure includes detailed strategy building and implementing session(s).
  • The team will comprise of a chief editor who will provide editing, consultation and recommendations throughout the planning and writing process.


Book Trailer Video
  • Designing, production and running of an engaging video book trailer.
  • High quality images along with HD footage.

Book Trailer Rates

As live-adverts are attention seekers, therefore, our marketing team will produce a short, engaging and an attractive video book trailer, ensuring the multiplication of audience for your book. Certainly, a well-established marketing will assure a good return of audience.

Cover Design Rates

The importance of a good cover design can be explained by the fact that even before the reader opens the book, a cover design will make that choice easier. A good cover design will attract the reader to approach the book rack, therefore our team of designers works hard to achieve the utmost demand for your book by incorporating an attractive cover design and a beautifully arranged typesetting.

Audio Book Rates

As there a drastic increase in the use of audio books, hence, our audio book service will make your book accessible, entertaining and engaging for the listeners. Despite the fact, that audio books are a mere choice of personal preference, they still allow the author to make hearty connections with the audience, forming heart-felt associations.


  • Research by our team of creative designers’ to provide maximum different designs.
  • Professional typesetting.
  • Collaborative work of our team and client.


  • Extensive research by our team of creative designers’ to provide maximum different designs and concepts.
  • Unique and pioneering cover design.
  • Professional and organized typesetting, skillfully achieved result.
  • Collaborative work of our team and client.

Online Book Publication Rates

Our e-book publication service assures to manage and tackle all the intricacies and complexities involved in publishing your book, ensuring that your book is easily and widely available to the readers around the globe.

Book Marketing Rates

Our branding and publicity service through digital marketing will use the most distinct, innovative and eye-catching strategies, ensuring that your book grabs a major chunk of the market. A unique, powerful yet an uncomplicated branding and publicity for your book will be guaranteed.


  • Basic marketing strategies will be implemented.
  • Promotion of your book on various social media platforms.


  • Advanced strategic marketing methods will be implemented.
  • Extensive branding, publicizing, wide digital exposure and promotion of social media platforms.

Author Website Rates

Our web-design and seo team will work collaboratively to produce a website for your book that will draw and attract more users to visit the website. Easily navigable web-design, along with strategic placement of strong seo into the web content, will improve the usability and ranking of your book’s website.

Copyright Certification Rates

We provide the opportunity to our clients to become a certified published author and stand with a well-deserved position amongst renowned authors. Our copyright certificates will be made available to our clients as per their demands, holding them the sole owner of their manuscripts. Our services from start to end will be limited to accomplishing your goals only, hence, giving you complete and sole right and ownership of your book.


  • Easily navigable website designed by an expert
  • Google friendly web content.


  • Easily navigable web-design with unique and attractive layout by specialist web-designer.
  • Strong placement of SEO into the web content by expert SEO and web content writers.
  • Ensuring high ranking on renowned search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

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